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Drivers Academy

AA Rescue Drivers’ Academy is a school for professionalism in driving. This unique and specialized institution is a people empowerment initiative that is aimed at imparting not just basic skills of driving but focuses on making its attendees attain the highest heights of professionalism in driving. Drivers Academy is not a driving school, it is more than that, its thrust is beyond the mere acquisition of practical skills of driving, it also makes the graduates fit into the corporate world, attitudinally, ethically, and intellectually.
Our students are taught basic tenets of information management, simple and acceptable communication skills, relationship management and other vital courses that form our curriculum.
Drivers Academy has five basic features and through which an intern is expected to go through over a minimum period of three months before he is given a job as a professional driver in our organisation.

Defensive Driving and Corporate Driving Training.
Defensive driving is driving to save life, time and money DESPITE the conditions around you and the actions of others. Here the intern is taught on best and acceptable international practice in defensive driving technique.
Outsourcing/ Permanent Employment:
The intern is finally examined in writing and in practice, on what he/she has learnt for the entire period. Where the students excel in the examination, the process is complete and the beneficiary is fully integrated into the labour market. Our Outsourcing Department registers them officially in the data base and they are outsourced as professional drivers.

Driving Training:
This is the beginners’ class. Here our curriculum embraces the intern into a world of the basic knowledge of the automobile. He is made to understand the parts of the vehicle and their functions. The student is later trained on basic practical driving skills before he is made to undergo written and practical test as continuous assessment in learning.
Corporate Driving Apprenticeship:
After a few months of intensive study on practical driving skills and non-practical training, the student is put on further months of paid internship program where is able to gradually put to practice everything he has learnt. For professional drivers to be competent enough to meet the expectations of a new employer work experience is necessary. Without taking them through this apprenticeship programme, they will not be able to function effectively. The intern is attached to one of the numerous AA Rescue pool cars for gradual improvement.

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